2000 New Beetle Cup All-Star Race
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New Beetle Cup (2000) New Beetle Cup (2000)
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Press Release
    In the all-star racing event of the year, a legion of the world’s most legendary race car drivers will battle each other in identically equipped, ultra high-powered race car versions of the New Beetle for the first time ever in the United States.
    And by doing it, they will help support a local charity.
    A few of the international racing greats scheduled to compete include Danny Sullivan, Scott Goodyear, Hurley Haywood, Scott Sharp, Brian Redman, Price Cobb, Bill Adam, Tommy Kendall, Hans Stuck and many others. Also on the race-day roster are some of the nation’s top automotive journalists and actor/racer Perry King.
    This New Beetle Cup All-Star race will be held Saturday, September 30, at 10:30 a.m., just prior to the “Petit Le Mans” at Road Atlanta, which is part of the American Le Mans Series. Practice sessions for the New Beetle Cup, which are also open to the public and press will begin on Thursday, September 28, at 3:00 p.m., and qualifying for the race will be held Friday, September 29, at 12:45 p.m.
    The All-Star race will raise a minimum of $100,000 for Atlanta’s Shepherd Center, the country’s largest catastrophic care hospital specializing in the treatment of people with debilitating injuries and disorders.
    In conjunction with the New Beetle Cup All-Star race, Atlanta’s Volkswagen dealers will contribute $100 per Volkswagen sold during the month of September. They have pledged a minimum of $100,000 from this effort. The check will be handed over to the Shepherd Center after the race on Saturday morning by the winning racer.
    Atlanta’s New Beetle Cup All-Star race will mark the first time Volkswagen has ever held a New Beetle race in the United States.
    ”This is simply a must-see event if you’re a motorsports fan. The fast and flowing track of Road Atlanta offers a great opportunity for the New Beetle race cars to shine and entertain race fans, and we have lined up some of the greats in racing,” said R.J. Wiles, Volkswagen of America’s New Beetle Cup event manager. “Who could have imagined Danny Sullivan, Scott Goodyear and Brian Redman would be battling it out in New Beetles going 130 mph. Drivers and fans alike will enjoy a racing experience like no other at this All-Star event.”
    Drivers will be navigating identical high-powered New Beetle race cars equipped with Volkswagen’s 2.8 liter, 24-valve V6 engine. Based on Volkswagen’s road car engines, this power plant delivers an unusually high torque of 270 Nm and a superb power output of 204 hp. Additional equipment includes a 6-speed road version gearbox, 18-inch wheels and special racing brakes.
    Security features include a driver airbag, roll cage, fire extinguisher and six-point safety harness.
    Atlanta will be only the second time a race of this kind has been held outside of Europe. This past June, Volkswagen held a special race for its New Beetle Cup European series in Montreal at the Air Canada Grand Prix.
    Originating in Germany in 1999, the actual Volkswagen New Beetle Cup is held during the ten rounds of the German Super Touring Car Championship (STW). The Volkswagen New Beetle race cars are prepared and maintained centrally by Volkswagen Motorsport in Hanover, allowing drivers who can’t establish and maintain their own teams to participate. To be part of the New Beetle Cup, competitors must pay 100,000 Deutschmarks (plus VAT). In return, Volkswagen offers half a million Deutschmarks as prize money.