The Premise
Excerpt from a Press Release
    Time Attack is an event that’s been popular in Japan for several years. The premise is to take street-derived vehicles on DOT street tires and attempt to turn the single fastest lap on a given track. It’s a simple but exciting format that requires every aspect of the car to be optimized. This wasn’t just about straight-line acceleration and maximum power…it takes finesse and cunning, and that is where the best do their best!
    The event took place in the first week of November; the chosen track is “Buttonwillow Raceway”, the 3-mile road course situated in Buttonwillow, California. The rules were straightforward, the cars separated by front, rear, and four-wheel-drive configuration. The cars were then subdivided into the Limited or the Unlimited classes, where the Limited cars were required to drive to the event on the public roads. If you didn’t or couldn’t drive on the public roads, then you were in the Unlimited class.
    There were 46 cars total entered into the Time Attack. Erickson Motorsports was invited by Eurotuner magazine to compete in the Unlimited Front-Wheel-Drive class, which consisted of eight competitors. Some of the most outrageous “Unlimited” cars were visiting the USA from Japan – here to attend the SEMA Show in Las Vegas. Included were a pair of Mitsubishi Evolution 8’s with near 800 hp and a Nissan R34 Skyline GT-R with 1000 hp, both driven by Eiji “Tarzan” Yamada of Japan! Claus Ettensberger brought a 555 hp twin supercharged Ferrari 360 Modena and had “top gun” driver Tommy Kendall doing the driving duties – just to name a few of the cars and celebrities in the Unlimited class.
As part of the event, the Ferrari 360 Modena went head-to-head with an Aprilia Mille RSV R. Full coverage of this on-track battle is available here, on the Super Streetbike magazine website.